Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beauty Personified4

She is very beautiful and talented. She maintains her beauty with the help of all modern and conventional beauty products. Skin care ointments, anti sun creams, face moisturizers protect her skin from sun while working outdoors. She takes care against pimples, oily skin formations. She depends much on natural, herbal beauty products to enhance glow in her face.

Rich protein diet and regular exercise keeps her body very slim and fit for tight action schedules. Regularly she does fitness exercise and a bit of yoga to keep her fit . She never uses chemical based beauty products and olive oil smearing is one of the secrets of her body glow.

She cares much for her hair as hair style is very important to her appearance. She mostly depends on imported dove shampoos.She sticks to the most trusted shampoo and soaps which would be imported ,


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